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Michele Savage issued a challenge to the various WENNlists to come up with their favorite quotes from WENNfics. These are the ones posted from AA. Have a favorite line/scene/thought from a story you read on this site? E-mail it to Rina and it will be up on the page. : )

7/31: Submitted by Rina

A Light in the Fog by Studio Dreamer

** He wasn't sure what to feel. He knew when they started, she didn't love him. He was only there to comfort her, to give her love for one night so she could sleep through a thousand more. But she still wanted someone else, and it cut him deeply. When would anyone cry out his name? When would anyone lose sleep over him and dream of making love to him? Maybe no such person existed. Maybe he was only fooling himself. Maybe all he was good for was helping someone else imagine he was another person entirely.

Closing his eyes, Scott swallowed hard, not knowing if he should speak or wait until she said something. That was also a new feeling...normally he would have laid there until he was rested, then get up and start to get dressed again. He had no idea why he was so unsure of himself this time.

** "I am your friend, Hilary. No...more than that. Last week confirmed it, I guess." His gaze never left her hand in his. "I'm here if you need me, for whatever reason. But if you decide Jeff isn't worth your time anymore, it might not be a mortal sin if we have a go at it." His face turned up in a roguish grin.

"And lose what we have bickering at each other at the station every day? I hardly think so," she teased.

Recovery Time by Rina Stewart

** She would go home to Jeff, and hang his recovery time. She would recover him, all right.

** "Sorry," he said, still panting slightly.

"You should be," she grinned, her own breathing rapid. "What about me? I don't believe my needs are being met here."

Truth or Dare by Michele Savage

** "Lets play a game, shall we?" She suggested as she walked to the door to make sure it was locked. "Truth or dare."

"Hilary look, this has gone too," Maple stopped when Hilary stepped close to her and began to toy with a stray lock of hair, "far."

"The winner gets Jeffrey."

** "Jeff--" Hilary started to complain when he lay flat over her, balancing his weight on his arms. Her body automatically arched against his and she mentally chided her weakness.

"I," he bent and kissed her forehead, "dare you," her nose, "to let me," quickly on the lips, "make love to Maple." He moved off her as he allowed his words to sink in. He knew the moment they did.

She sat quickly, "What?!"

"Correct me if I'm wrong, Hilary," Maple said, pushing Jeff to the floor and straddling him, "Your dare to Jeff was to tell if he's attracted to me," She lifted her hips slightly to move him into position, "and your dare to me was to prove it." She sank slowly onto him and moaned slightly as he filled her. She stopped speaking and let the passionate moment move over her. Jeff lay his hands at her hips and eased her into a thrusting rhythm. She took a deep breath, "Okay, so I was a little wrong about my chemicals."

Hilary sat for a moment; transfixed by the heady thrill of watching her husband have sex with another woman. Then she got jealous and decided she needed to be in on the act. >>

** Jeff pushed Hilary slightly forward and groaned as he felt Maple's muscles contract around him. He felt her sit hard over him as she threw her head back and voiced her pleasure. "Oh Maple, whatever it is you're doing. . . keep doing it."

** Jeff leaned up enough to kiss her and resumed his movements. "Hilary," he said as he thrust against her, "I will make sure this wedding is legal if I have to marry you in each one of the forty-eight states."

She giggled lightly, reveling in the pleasure he was giving her, "Careful, I just may make you do that."

** Maple gave Hilary a sarcastic glance; "Exactly what part of this evening would I tell ANYONE at work about?"

"Good point, though I will give you twenty-bucks if you tell Gertie," Hilary said with a laugh, "but only if you wait until I'm there to see her hit the floor."

** He stood and leaned in the open doorway waiting for them to notice he was there. Maple saw him first and screamed.

Both Hilary and Jeff jumped and turned to see what Maple was screaming about.

"Hiya Jeff," Scott said as if nothing was wrong, "They canceled my meeting."

Reclaiming Memories by Michele Savage

** He pushed her away, "Hilary! You refused to let me NEAR you when I was still married to Pavla, why the change of heart?"

"I need you, Pumpkin."

"You need me," he laughed. "Where were you when I needed you?"

She thought for a second, "doing my nails, I think."

** "What does this mean, exactly?" He asked wanting to know, "I mean, does this change anything?"

Hilary sighed, "Jeffrey, we should know by now that we can't stay away from each other. I don't even know why we try anymore."

"Can I come home?" he asked with an expectant almost childlike expression on his face.

She smiled, "Why not. I'm sure I'll throw you out again in the future."

Jeff laughed, "I love you too."