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Adjustments by Michele Savage
After Hilary is brutally assaulted and left for dead, she and Jeff have some healing to do.

Afternoon by Dana Sherman
In the sequel to "Wading Pool," Scott and Betty meet at the movies and go for a walk, where Betty's daydreams come true. (m/f, Betty/Scott, NC-17, 27 kb)

A Light in the Fog by Studio Dreamer
When Hilary is devastated by Jeff's abandonment, a friend comes over to comfort, and stays longer than planned. (m/f, Scott/Hilary, NC-17, 17 kb)

Long Separations by Michele Savage
A friend helps Hilary relieve some pent up loneliness.(f/f slash, Hilary/Susan, NC-17, 7 kb)

Nothing in the Dark by Linda M. Young
Scott and Betty get stuck in an elevator and their relationship heats up. (m/f, Scott/Betty, R, 37 kb)

Paper Dolls by Michele Savage
Strawberries, Champagne and a Bathtub. (m/f, Jeff/Hilary,
NC-17, 17 kb)

Pool Story by Michele Savage
Hilary offers Jeff a diversion to his evening swim. (m/f, Jeff/Hilary, NC-17, 13 kb)

Quarantined by Michele Savage
A quarantine can be VERY frustrating! Set during 'Close Quarters'. (m/f, Jeff/Hilary, NC-17, 43 kb)

Raging Stormsby Michele Savage
It was a dark and stormy night... (m/f, Jeff/Hilary, NC-17, 8 kb)

Reclaiming Memories by Michele Savage
Hilary spends an evening at the movies and gets a better idea. (m/f, masturbation, NC-17, 7 kb)

Recovery Time by Rina Stewart
Jeff calls Hilary at work. (m/f, Jeff/Hilary, NC-17, 16 kb)

Strip Tease for One by Michele Savage
Jeff stops Hillary from stripping during an on-air burlesque show, so she retaliates by stripping for him. (m/f, Jeff/Hilary, NC-17, 6 kb)

Truth or Dare by Michele Savage
Maple cons Hilary and Jeff into a surprise meeting and the three of them end up having a rather interesting evening. (f/m/f slash, Hilary/Jeff/Maple, NC-17, 32 kb)

Wading Pool by Dana Sherman
On a hot summer day, Betty has a daydream. (m/f, Betty/Scott, R, 18 kb)