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Beginning in March, Rina sent out one topic a week. The purpose was to get the members of AA talking. If any of these sound interesting to you, join the list and post your responses. All topics are open indefinitely.

Week one: How do YOU like your smut? Romantic or gritty?

Week two: For the writers: what music do you like to listen to as you write smut? Readers, what do you prefer?

Week three: To slash or not to slash, that's the question: Which characters do you see as possibly trying a same sex relationship?

Week four: Masturbation: hot plot device or sticky situation?

Week five: Of bondage and over the top sex: how much is too much?

Week six: Fun in the kitchen: Do you like to see the use of food in smut, and if so, what is your food of choice?

Week seven: Slang slang: clinical or flowery, and just how many ways to say erection are there?

Week eight: Suspending disbelief: how out of character is too out of character?

Week nine: Outrageous places to have sex - where do you see your fave couples "doing it?" Bonus - write the story!

Week ten: I'm sure we all know one of the repercussions to smut - babies! Which WENN people do you see as parents? When? With who? How good are they? Maybe even write a story where the smut leads to a new WENN baby.

Week eleven: When you're writing your smutfic, do you stick to the activities that you've personally experienced? Can you pick out smut that has been written by someone who hasn't experienced whatever it is the characters are doing or never experienced sex at all? Or do you feel that the whole point of smutfic is to live vicariously through our favourite characters by making them do things you haven't, or would never do?

Subtopic #1: Which person (or persons!) at the station are you, personally, attracted to? Also, who would you want to be romantically involved with at the station? Why?

One note to add to that - you *can* be attracted to a member of the same sex without being gay or bisexual.

Challenge #1: Take your favorite movie or TV show smut scene, and rewrite it for WENN. Or, take your favorite movie or TV show scene that *could* have led to smut and either didn't or they didn't show it, and write the smut. Still, of course, rewriting for WENN.

Here are two examples. Say you really like the movie "Ghost." Rewrite the pottery scene using WENN characters.
For those who have written smut or want to branch out, try something like this. In David Duchovny's X-Files episode, The Unnatural, Mulder teaches Scully how to play baseball in a very hands-on way. He snuggles up behind her, both of them holding the bat, and demonstrates "hips before hands" by putting his hands on her hips and turning her. It ended with them laughing and having a blast, with sexual innuendos flying like the baseballs themselves, but after that, they so could have had sex. Make it Scott teaching Betty his favorite sport, for example, and have it lead to smut.