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Plot Bunnies

We all know what plot bunnies are. Half written stories we know we'll never finish, story plots we don't have time to write ourselves, and challenges that we don't want to write ourselves, but still want to see.

Welcome to Remember WENN's plot bunny adoption page! See something you want to write? Great! Adopt one for your very own. This is an all ages archive. Anything specifically adult will be on a separate page and very clearly labeled, but feel free to take any of these and write a story of any rating, G - NC-17.

When you're done, drop me a line telling me which one you adopted, and you'll get your own nifty graphic to display wherever your story is archived, proclaiming the plot bunny's adoption. The beauty of plot bunnies is that more than one person can adopt each. Share the love!

Page one G rated

Do you have a plot bunny to contribute? E-mail it to Rina.